Stories tagged “WORD ASSOCIATION”

  • Prophet

    INVEST your time in righting wrongs

    Inflicted by the greedy throngs

    INVENT a scheme to give love power

    To rail and batter down the Tower

    A HEATER warms me from the cold

    But THEATER could break their mold

    The HEATHER sways in fields untilled

    Where mem'ries…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Billows

    BILLOWS buffet 'gainst the wall

    The water roils below the fall

    BELLOWS blow & stoke the flames

    That burn R faces, scorch R names:

    FELLOWS lost, as I suppose

    2 time and friends. They decompose

    FOLLOWS logic 2 its end

    But on its math I can't depend


    Posted 4 years ago