Stories tagged “WISHES”

  • Heart's Desire

    "When will you understand that I love you?" I wrote. "I know it sounds crazy and incomprehensible given the circumstances, but my heart has a mind of its own. I try to rein it in, but it keeps running away after memories of you."

    "Little things, like son…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Ah, To Go Back

    Often, Penny wished she could go back in time. Quite often.

    She felt like her life had become a bit of a mess.

    She hadn't left the apartment in a few weeks. She hadn't showered in a month. Most of the time she found that she just laid in bed and stared …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Good Dog

    There's a dog outside.

    I didn't used to think much of him. Just thought he was a fluffy companion.

    That didn't turn out to be entirely true though.

    He also had... well, powers.

    He had the face of a very learned Buddhist monk, I always used to joke to …

    Posted 5 years ago