Stories tagged “WHOOPS”

  • Disbelief

    Trilla took a step back. What.. what had she just...? Her hands were shaking, her legs were threatening to give out, and she could feel an awful lump in her throat.

    The smallish girl with whi-- well, she used to have white hair, now getting stained by b…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Settling Into The Job



    Rylis stepped back a little as blood pooled around the person she'd just killed, looking at it with mild disgust. But this had gotten easier. The fifth time, she'd still thrown up. The 27th time, this time, she just felt a little nauseated…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Waterproof

    "OK, first of all? Do you know how much I'm already paying for all the outlets to be water-proofed? Why are you telling me it's $4,000 for waterproof floorboards?"

    "I don't make the prices, Miss, I just hand over the bill."

    "You don't get it! I am the…

    Posted 6 years ago