Stories tagged “UNDERGROUND”

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    "Fetus said we could reboot his memories," I said sadly staring off in the direction of her body.

    "If we can find his backups!" C:\ declared.

    "I've never been to Acrylic's hideout," Hard Drive confessed.

    "I have." I said quietly.

    "Good! Start there!" C:\ …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • We Are The Good Guys

    Hard Drive jumped in the backseat and positioned Acrylic in a wrap hold. "Okay, wake him."

    I kicked him in the heel again and after a whine and a moan, his eyes fluttered open and he began to squirm.

    "Gerroff me!"

    "Acrylic. Look at me!" I got right in his…

    Posted 5 years ago