Stories tagged “TRANSFORMATION”

  • (TBA): The Transformation

    A beam of blinding white light shot down from a sky thick with clouds, centering on Kym and bathing her in a gentle warmth. Under the intense brightness of the light her sweatpants and rumpled hoodie seemed to lose their color before fragmenting into piec…

    Posted 11 months ago
  • The Glass Girl

    The process had begun.

    She knew better than to play in the Rhoka woods. There were evil things there. Magic of the worst kind.

    It'd been many years since the town rose up against the evil Lord Bahlo but while he was gone, his curse remained in Rhoka.


    Posted 2 years ago
  • Chrysalis Moon

    Feeling the moon approach, Stella tried to hurry her steps, but it was not easy; the barbed fence just past the water's bank sometimes was too close to the water, so she had to klinkerstep between the river and the bank; movement was inhibited, clumsy.


    Posted 4 years ago
  • Power-Grab

    She watched from the bushes in cat form. The window was curtained, but her yellow eyes could see the magic rise into the air. She purred, her favorite part of this transformation. The magic rose like a blanket, rolling into a twist and smoothly slid throu…

    Posted 5 years ago