Stories tagged “TOMORROW”

  • Truth in the Wash

    “Not quite evil mother-in-law material but not fun either, I imagine.” I switched back to a happier subject. “When's your next performance, exactly?”

    “Next Wednesday—a week from tomorrow.”

    I blinked at the assertion that tomorrow was Wednesday. Such a s…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • @SimTechs: Firewall

    With precise synchronization, the drones broke through the fog that covered the Woodland forest canopy. Dew sprayed from the conglomeration of insect-like machines as a cloudburst. And the sound of thousands of whirling fans echoed through the trees.


    Posted 7 years ago
  • @SimTechs: RDP

    Coffee collects on the tongue. Fingers press the tired eyes; their hand slides over the nose and onto the cheek. Digits extend over one eye, the other eye opens.

    Attempting to Establish Connection to Remote System

    A swallow. Status grids; motionless, …

    Posted 7 years ago