Stories tagged “TENSION”

  • These Long Nights: Beneath the Skin

    Max stood at the edge of the curtained window and stared out into the dark of the garden, searching for any sign of the creature. His eyes darted here and there looking for more substantial motion than the shivering of hedges, or the swirling interplay of…

    Posted 11 months ago
  • Unexpected Guest

    Thermu burst into the parlor without knocking, her voice raised in excitement.

    "Esma! I found it! I finally found-"

    Esma turned with a panicked smile and owl-wide eyes from her seat in the wingback chair. Across from her sat a sharply dressed man with lon…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Planning A Vegetable Cart Getaway

    “Have you heard the army is coming?” The mouseman began to panic. He grabbed the woven grass hat on his head and squatted down, ready to sprint back to his cart and his family.

    “No, have you?”

    “I did spy a patrolmouse. He was headed for the perimeter. Had…

    Posted 5 years ago