Stories tagged “SWEET”

  • Glenwick Lane

    All roads lead to Glenwick Lane.

    They led there because of her. The only women in Ireland I ever truly loved.

    I never thought she loved me though. At least not as truly.

    I spent wakeful night with my mind on her, comforted only by the Guinness in my gl…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • Summers In The Car

    Summer. It was hot. It was sticky. It was gross. It was also the happiest time of my life. Despite the fact that I was currently melting into the faux leather seats of my father's land yacht of an automobile as it puttered down a forested road in what fel…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Heart on the Line 9.26.14

    The night I laid out my heart,

    turned my life outside down,

    Our relationship had a new start...

    Best of friends for so many years,

    been through so much together,

    at some point, my heart - it interfered.

    Patiently - you listened,

    as I talked for hours,


    Posted 5 years ago