Stories tagged “SUPERHEROES”

  • Sibling Rivalry

    The ceiling of Stormcrow's base shattered. She glared up at her nemesis.

    "So-Lar!" she yelled. "What..."

    "Where is she?" the hero bellowed. "Where is Jane?"

    "You dare..." She stopped, confused. "Jane's missing?"

    In a flash, So-Lar was face-to-face wit…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Day Two

    The library is a church turned community center, with opaque glass, barred windows and a draft. Ms. Riley works with dial-up and a folding chair.

    They find metal bed frames and blankets and build a ‘Bat Cave’ in the basement. Fuse practices their Englis…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Funeral

    It's swirling around them, this confusing mass of tendrils, burning asphalt anger, hot and painful to touch. Fuse has never been safe. They've always been sharp and lean, a knife trying to cut through Spire's water, but now they're hot, steam against Spir…

    Posted 6 years ago