Stories tagged “STORY”

  • Vulture Chic Among Fiends

    "Ah that's a real nice boon there, a standout miracle of blessings that any priest-liar's tongue would envy. Many thanks for this warmth, my fiend, that you've bestowed upon me in drink-form. She is a real beauty that touches me loving-like, a whisper tha…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • Silent Loud Thoughts

    Has your mind ever been so loud in thoughts, that when something makes you stop thinking.. you realize how deadly silent the air around you actually was? That's how I felt today.


    I never realized how busy my mind was- whether in lists of to-dos,…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Engaged

    Smoky morning eyes made the light blur,

    but I knew where I was.

    I was home.

    I woke just before she left,

    just before she came to gently shake me

    to tell me goodbye and

    that she loved me

    and that she'd be back in the evening.

    The holes in my socks and ne…

    Posted 6 years ago