Stories tagged “STEVEN SPIELBERG”

  • The One Perfect Face (3/3)

    It is indeed a special, ineffable moment when a movie director falls hopelessly in love, but when I found her, my own scene clicked into place and its unearthly beauty seized me. Such is the power that an extra can play in just that kind of crowd scene. A…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The One Perfect Face (2/3)

    To me, she wasn't just from this place, she was the place. I met her gaze when we stood face to face, her peering up at my ball cap and sunglasses, squinting in the sun, and she smiled. Her various teeth shone in the shadow of my body, and I knew that w…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The One Perfect Face (1/3)

    And then I saw her, the face I'd been hoping to find ever since arriving in the country. I had arrived at the airport and, walking down those stairs, I caught a scent in the air, and I knew she would be here, somewhere, probably in a crowd of people. The …

    Posted 7 years ago