Stories tagged “STATUE”

  • Abasement

    Although the night was clear and cloud free, the streets were dark. A summer wind brought a refreshing coolness off the ocean and I stopped my midnight wanderings to lean against a building, letting the air wash over me. It was sweeter than expected, almo…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • My Betty

    She is eternally a lady. The creases of her dress will always be perfect. The curl of her hair will always lay just the way it should to catch the eye. She sits on a wrought-iron bench, her legs tucked neatly beneath her. Her hands are pressed in her lap …

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Form Dictates Function

    The first had been a rock from the garden but it hadn't even quivered. The second had been a coin. The only thing it did was give off a noise like a muffled metallic scream. That shook me. For the third I chose a stick. It had twisted and curled, writhing…

    Posted 4 years ago