Stories tagged “REFERENCES”

  • Wildean Fragments 1, 2

    "Yes, sir," he said, and closed the door with a slight bang. Odd, thought Howard as he lit a new and slightly bedraggled cigarette: Temple's out of sorts. What's got up his jumper today? Arnold raced for the door and--


    The Turlock continued to stalk u…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 5: The Plural of Possum

    "The time has come," Tory said, "to speak of manly things. First, I want to return the unicorn horn you left at my place back in '78. Here."

    Connie took it graciously, smiling bitterly. "My point exactly," he intoned. "But what's yours, Tory?"

    I'll have t…

    Posted 7 years ago