Stories tagged “PURPOSE”

  • Abasement

    Although the night was clear and cloud free, the streets were dark. A summer wind brought a refreshing coolness off the ocean and I stopped my midnight wanderings to lean against a building, letting the air wash over me. It was sweeter than expected, almo…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • When Looking Up

    I looked up at the sky & saw a belt of densely packed stars banded across the blackness of night. The galaxy they represented felt so far away, though deep inside i logically knew that i was a part of it.

    I wondered where exactly I fit in, though & the a…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Trophy Room

    The hall was brightly lit, though curiously empty. I shoved the door labeled Trophy Room open.

    The room was dark. A single spotlight shone on a pedestal. It wasn't too tall. I climbed up and stood awkwardly. The light grew brighter and I began to pose. I…

    Posted 4 years ago