Stories tagged “PROMPT”

  • Ghostly Tears

    "What's this ring about?" he rounded on me with accusation, hurt, and anger in his eyes.

    "This is a promise ring."

    "Promise!? You took VOWS to be my wife!"

    Patiently, and without fear, I patted to the cushion next to me. He sat, but his hands shook. "List…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Cost of Friendship

    She cried silently on the video chat, tears running down, sniffles, and gasps for air. "I... n..know. I can... do this."

    "Listen, it's not personal. It's just that the last time this happened to me, I lost a friend. We used to be close and then it ended. …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Bob and the animals

    We watched from inside as Bob mowed the lawn. Then one moment he saw something through the garden fence and rushed to the gate. He looked upset, and quickly took his phone out to make a call.

    „Hello? Yes, I’d like to report an intrusion of cockroaches. W…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Twisted luck

    Klaxons. Klaxons everywhere. Truly this was it.

    After months of combing through this enormous abandoned spaceship, we’ve all started to lose hope. But V’Ru kept pushing us, and she was right to do so. If we were to make any use of this monstrosity of a v…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • News headline (Six words prompt)

    Transpacific diplomacy warming, like global climate.


    Posted 5 years ago
  • The hunt

    My steps make little noise as I move gingerly between the bushes. As I survey my surroundings, my thoughts wander.

    In the village, hunters are respected. We risk our lives to provide food in this hostile land, where killing animals is our only option. Our…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Necromancers Like Cherry Filled Danishes

    The elevator stopped. Between floors. The doors remained firmly shut. Gregor groaned. He pushed the help button, but nothing happened.

    "Are you here for the convention?" asked a smiling man in a lime green chef's uniform.

    "No," growled Gregor.

    "Seems w…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Hairy Legs

    After lunch we had recess. As we exited the doors, most excitedly bolting for the best kickball and the honor of choosing their teams, a small group of boys hung back behind me. I was walking, not running.

    The yard teacher had stepped into the middle of …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Evil Queen

    Every time I thought about her I wanted to fight her. Just a snapshot of her gorgeous eyes made me want to pluck them out. How perfectly white would her teeth be knocked out on the floor?

    In sick fascination I tracked her movements. I was a huntress and …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Alone

    I saw them, all of them.

    I knew them.

    I thought they knew me.

    They were backing away. At about 2 meters, they turned their backs.

    All of them.

    They did not speak.

    I asked them questions.

    Why are you not hearing me?

    What is going on?

    They stepped farthe…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Tent Girl

    It was only a two-man tent but it was plenty big enough for the girl, her sleeping bag, flashlight, pillow, storybook, and favorite doll. The doll had seen better days, her dress was now off-white, her hair sprouted wildly from the sides of her head leavi…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Flannel in My Pillowcase

    I finished brushing my teeth and yelled goodnight to my mom. I shut my bedroom door and turned off the light. Climbing in under the covers, I smiled. Reaching inside my pillowcase, I felt the soft flannel of my boyfriend's shirt.

    My mom stuck her head in…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • The Accident

    Thinking of you.

    A summer dream. Violently happy.

    All the love... Absorbed in you, Oblivious.

    One time, Red light means go.

    Sudden death! Passenger.

    Nobody’s fault but mine.

    Oh, no!

    Pray for me. Save me!

    Roads: Relentless Reminder.

    The family. The funera…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • An hour in the park I truly did not expect


    Lovely summer day, I could finally read undisturbed on my favorite bench in the park. Until suddenly...

    „Here, this is for you.”

    I looked up from my book, startled. A large, round plate appeared in front of me, with a huge chocolate cake on it.


    Posted 5 years ago
  • Cake for Breakfast

    Friday. Sunny, cool under the shade of tall oaks. Breezy. The park was calm in this early hour where most are just starting their workday. Perfect for running.

    Not perfect for crying alone at a picnic table.

    He saw her halfway through the first lap. The…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Arlis and the Boys

    "Are you," the oaf of a child paused for effect, ""

    Arlis shifted his weight. He eyed his would-be comrades, an assortment of boys he'd seen in the schoolhouse. Generally, he'd seen them in the back of the room, doing anything but pay attention. …

    Posted 8 years ago