Stories tagged “PANIC”

  • Fractal Realities: Waking Paralysis

    Hurrying to the bathroom, I felt like I was going to burst. I prayed that no one was in it and reached for the handle. It was open. I locked it and rushed to the toilet, dropping my pants as I did so.

    I had to bending down to raise the seat up. My face…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Re-evaluating Strangers

    I couldn’t help but groan. Standing up had not been a good idea. Everything hurt.

    “Do you know that guy?” the girl asked.

    An icy spike shot up my spine. Panic swarmed at the edge of my vision like beating wings. I hunched down and grabbed her arm. “What…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Fog

    In the fog, shapes are unclear. Shadows move in and out of wisps of gray; darker spaces undulate close and fade back into the swirls. My senses are alert, but every soft breeze sends panic down my spine. I close my eyes and put my hands out.

    There is no…

    Posted 6 years ago