Stories tagged “NARRATIVE”

  • Pure Passive Aggressive (narrative nonfiction)

    Parents are experts at passive aggressive behavior. Take my job, for example. I deal with students.

    One such parent is actually a grandparent. The grandmother does not approve of who the mother is dating, so she refuses to babysit the student, nor the st…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • The Search for the Fluron Particle

    It wasn't fair. Not at all. She mulled over in her mind how mission control could make such a decision and not even consult her. The audacity of it boggled her mind.

    Taylor had been assigned to this mission on accident essentially, but her contributions …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Eve, as told by Adam

    "Eve?...if ya ask me, God set 'er up fer failure."

    "...bless 'er heart, but Eve never loved me. Well, she loved me like a person loves another, 'specially since there was so few of us. I suspect she was...more of a fella', in the romance department."


    Posted 4 years ago