Stories tagged “MOON”

  • Moon

    Not quite white

    or gray

    or blue


    The moon is a muse




    A means to an end




    Beating hearts, abuse

    love sway



    The moon, impassive




    Left lovers lost

    cold day

    tears few


    Returned to mock



    Posted 6 years ago
  • The Raid

    They came at night, as cowards always do.

    The raid followed the typical pattern. The Advance Guard set a containment field around our house in case we took the fool notion to run. The Delegate knocked on our door and informed us that we were to be rel…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Cocoon Moon

    Everything seemed to happen at once. Stella lived at two speeds simultaneously. In what felt like it should have taken only a second or two, the moon sprang upon her back and spread out like an effulgent tarpaulin, pressing her skin into the pricking fenc…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Caterpillar Moon

    Stella trundled along the brook's edge, gazing behind her all the while when she could. The moon, the MOON! It was always there behind her, even when the brook changed directions like an eager puppy on its first trip to the park after a water-drinking con…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Feeling It Inside

    Sultana pulled Felicity up on her feet, "You know what tonight is, right?"

    "Yeah, it's the stupid after party," Felicity frowned.

    "No, I mean... tonight." Felicity's friend's eyes glowed.


    A full moon lit hung in the sky as the girls undressed themselves…

    Posted 8 years ago