Stories tagged “MISERY”

  • Shh, part 8

    Lenn struggled against currents of howling wind and driving rain so strong they felt like the spirits of speeding buses. Keeping the cat protected was almost too much for him. He tucked the arm cradling the cat further back like an American football playe…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • In Shuddering Silence

    Wallowing in loneliness and sadness, I sank in it, deep, up to my chin. Candles burning in effigy surrounded a warm bath of my misery.

    I thought I had gotten past this. I thought that the first time you took a piece of my heart and smashed it that I had …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Rapture and Fatigue--Director's Cut

    My heart has just burst

    With a pain most exquisite-

    Jumping on blisters


    O I am weary!

    My thoughts are eroding fast

    Let them sluice away,


    For they've disguised me.

    Please wash away, scales from eyes,

    And show me myself


    How I've missed the truth

    I sca…

    Posted 3 years ago