Stories tagged “LANGUAGE”

  • The Eureka Moment

    Things like "i-mutations" and "syntax" rushed through Brad's head as he stared at the etchings of the most ancient examples of Kalovay.

    He took a deep breath and tried a new approach. Only a few words were known to the world to be true translations from …

    Posted 1 year ago
  • A Linguistic Puzzle Indeed

    "Kalovay, Kalovay..." Brad muttered to himself over and over as if it was an activity that would help the process of decoding the language.

    He had mastered many dead languages in graduate school. It was something of a specialty of his, but he was never t…

    Posted 1 year ago
  • A Dead Language

    He aligned the glyphs in his head in a manner that he thought made sense. He drew them out onto a piece of paper and realized that they didn't.

    He had been having trouble deciphering this language for months. Being the head of linguistics for the univers…

    Posted 1 year ago