Stories tagged “HOTEL”

  • Trying To Get My Bearings (4/22)

    I take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and turn around. I am completely unprepared.

    She stands there, wrapped in a bath towel that, with her 5'-nothing frame, covers her armpits to knees. Her hair is wrapped in another towel. She smiles, and I quickly …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Poker Striptus Interruptus

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 6 years ago
  • First Night

    My phone chimed. Text.

    Where are u?

    "I'm all checked in."

    What room?

    "314, okay? Stop worrying! See you tomorrow."

    I took a shower to wash the road trip grime from me. 12 hours of driving was exhausting. No longer smelling like french fries, I fl…

    Posted 7 years ago