Stories tagged “HOMAGE”

  • Just to say--

    This isn't just to say

    That I have eaten the plums

    From the icebox that you unwisely left unlocked


    Like, you didn't even install a lock

    What were you thinking?


    Any butthead could come along and steal your plums!

    You're damn lucky it was me.


    They wer…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Swinging Fun

    Kathy von Carey

    Hung on the lamppost

    Bucking and swaying

    Then slipping again


    Leaping to snatch it

    She grasped the loose wires

    Bucking and swaying

    Collapsing in pain


    Children be cautious

    In all of your playtime

    There’s fun, but there’s danger

    So mind h…

    Posted 5 years ago