Stories tagged “HATRED”

  • Control Freak

    I watched as you moved into a shotgun house with one bedroom and a yard only big enough for a shed. You were too busy to find a place on your own, anyway.

    But I saw the truth.

    In a tiny house, no one can stay the night. No one can stay unannounced. N…

    Posted 1 year ago
  • Medusa

    I hear her words, but I'm listening to their interpretation, screaming liar in my head.

    Words are all shiny and sympathetic when they are sarcastic as well as genuine. It's hard to tell the difference. She was so much like someone I used to know, I co…

    Posted 1 year ago
  • That Cat

    Strong's cat roamed their rented studio office space like he owned the place. Sarah found the matted fur ball curled on top of her desk, arrogant tail thwacking the keyboard of her laptop hard and steady, like a Sousa march.

    "What, are you composing the…

    Posted 3 years ago