Stories tagged “HAPPY”

  • Summers In The Car

    Summer. It was hot. It was sticky. It was gross. It was also the happiest time of my life. Despite the fact that I was currently melting into the faux leather seats of my father's land yacht of an automobile as it puttered down a forested road in what fel…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Late Is Better Than Never

    "I have a surprise for you..." Edgar said, trailing off as he rushed around the laboratory pushing buttons and pulling levers, this fulfilling the purposes of those particular object.

    Renee gave a dramatic sigh that carried an annoyance that burned with …

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Happy Face

    Come on girl

    put on that happy face

    the one

    with the smile

    that shows

    all your teeth.

    Come on girl

    put on that happy face

    pretend for the world

    your not breaking down again.

    Cover up the sounds

    of that avalanche

    of shattered heart


    Cover up the man…

    Posted 8 years ago