Stories tagged “GREEN TAFFETA”

  • It's windy on the tops

    "I did warn you."

    "You've seen my underwear before."

    "Yes, but not in the open air. On the highest hill in the county."

    "It's windy. I'm a web designer: my wardrobe is a bit thin in the hiking skirts department."

    "A lack we are clearly going to have to ad…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Death in the family

    He eased himself onto the plastic seat in the waiting room – seemingly every hospital on the planet used the same, uniquely uncomfortable seating – and cradled her in his lap. It took a long time before she stopped crying and longer still before the shive…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Afterwards

    The young woman staggered backwards into the wall – the people in the room idly glanced over at the sound of the impact and got back on with their business – and slid into a sitting position. Elbows on knees, arms crossed, forehead on arms, she sat, tremb…

    Posted 7 years ago