Stories tagged “GODS”

  • Beautiful Temptation

    She walks through a crowded plaza, a beacon of sultry beauty. She is temptation incarnate, a temptress with but one goal. She moves slowly, exulting in the wandering eyes of the men and not a few of the women. Many crave her. Others hate her. Still more c…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • Ukko's Burden

    The thunder boomed and the lightening flashed.

    Unfortunately the Finnish god Ukko's heart just wasn't into it tonight.

    Sure, there were ships on the Baltic sea he could tip over with rogue waves and sheer winds, but why? What was the point?

    He felt los…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Blood Rain

    "There is blood in the rain," stated the Deep One, matter-of-factly. He stood at the deck railing, staring out over the city spread out below.

    "What do you mean, sire?" Kolster asked, looking up at the imposing figure looming over him.

    "There is blood i…

    Posted 5 years ago