Stories tagged “FRIPPERY”

  • a cloth airplane, aloft!

    A flight of fancy.

    I was walking listlessly one day and passed someone's private boat in their driveway. The boat was covered by a tarpaulin, light blue. I've seen cars, motorbikes, and even buildings covered with cloth, too, at times. For their protectio…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 12: The Wrath of Pop

    Overseeing the meeting was their old mentor and senpai, Shrarl Glorlushuprlahh, known as Pop. He raised his twin hands in blessing.

    "Kill 'em!" he benedicted. "Wade hip deep in their blood!"

    Defiant shouts from both sides echoed through the rafters and …

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 11: Two Rows

    Right on time, too: 4:03 AM, according to the almanac. O Sumo Garcia-Murry, or OSGM for short. But nobody said that. That sounded stupid.

    O was the perfect person to bind this team together. Even Con felt braver when she showed up, nodding to everyone unt…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 10: Orange and Black

    Orange was in like a shot. It didn't matter what kind of shot. Orange was always looking for some action, which was what drew him to movie production in the first place. Right now he was working on a tracking shot, and had almost found his quarry. After t…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 9: Teaming with Life

    They agreed to five posse members per team, not counting Con and Tor, the leaders of the temporary pax. Tory thumbed her mobile phone and, after several months, assembled a cracked team of heisters: Turbo Lean (the speedster), Andreas Ut (the fireworks ex…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 7: The Next Line: The Pot Slickens: BAM

    "What?" he demanded, sick of all the verbiage I've been spewing like someone spewing something.

    "Sweetling," Tory signaled with her flags, "It's time for a resolution. We've been at it like frogs for too many years. We're both more than a hundred years ol…

    Posted 8 years ago
  • Legend of Tory Adore 6: A Line Drawn in the Sand

    Tory drew a line in the sand that covered the table. What a filthy restaurant. Don't go.

    "It's like this, Connie," she began. And then she continued. "Like this." she went on, adding nothing to the sentence that had gone before. "Just listen to this," she…

    Posted 8 years ago