Stories tagged “FREE WRITING”

  • a cloth airplane, aloft!

    A flight of fancy.

    I was walking listlessly one day and passed someone's private boat in their driveway. The boat was covered by a tarpaulin, light blue. I've seen cars, motorbikes, and even buildings covered with cloth, too, at times. For their protectio…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Starlit Sepulchre

    There! in the glist'ning starlit sepulchre,

    Floating along by the gaping aperture--

    There was Verandah, my love of yesteryear

    As if alive, but she's gone. Then she drew near

    Gently caressing my neck like a whiff of mist

    She made me wonder, was I a som…

    Posted 6 years ago