Stories tagged “FEAR OF ABANDONMENT”

  • This Heart, My Home

    There's no place that can feel like home

    Without someone who's kind to you.

    Most any place, if I'm alone,

    Fills me with heartache ochre-blue.


    The grandest palace, opulent

    With every comfort you could want;

    The cozy cottage; finest tent

    Without your love…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Lesson To Learn

    I never learned to love myself.

    I know not how it’s done.

    I am so weak in will and mind.

    I seek, but cannot seem to find

    Something to love–not one.

    Or, rather, all the little things

    That I can do half-well

    Are insignificant, compared

    To all my flaws and …

    Posted 6 years ago