Stories tagged “ESCAPE”

  • In the Orchard

    The swinging gate transformed. First, two broad arms uncurled from within the wooden slats. They stretched past us and scooped Riddy and me into a crushing bear hug. Then, when I was still seeing stars from our heads knocking together the wood grain took …

    Posted 1 year ago
  • Those Cloud-capped Towers

    Lloyd skated across an unnaturally still sky, the kind that looked and felt like twilight but you knew if you checked it would be nine pm or three am. Behind him followed a woman that wore many faces. He recognized some of them briefly, but knew that she …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • The Great Escape

    I sat in front of the television. It had been a long night & a long day full of things in my head that most people probably wouldn't be able to fully understand.

    That was ok though. I wouldn't want them to be able to understand what I went through every …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Poker Striptus Interruptus

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Partners in Crime

    We ran. It had been a narrow escape. The police drones were stopped by the casino doors and the security cameras didn't cover the alleys well. Two buildings over we climbed the fire escape to watch the cruisers scream and screech to a halt, too late to ca…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Too Old for the Nursery

    "We'll be ready by morning," Byron heard the voice tell the man who held him captive.

    The man replied, "Very good. Beatrice!"

    Byron heard the quick footfalls of the man's wife, always eager to please. "Yes, dear?"

    "Take Mr. Curts to the shuttle. He wil…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Escape World

    Hello Maggie,

    The text you are reading comes from another world layered on top of the reality you currently experience. We call this other world the Escape World®. Your presence has been requested to come to the Escape World in celebration of Harry's …

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Baby Escape Plan

    "Shh, don't cry Elise!"

    Little 6 year old hands reached through the slats of a crib and patted 12 month old Elise who had awakened from her nap.

    The door opened, startling the little boy, and he quickly pulled his hands back.

    "Byron!" snapped the nurse…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Planning A Vegetable Cart Getaway

    “Have you heard the army is coming?” The mouseman began to panic. He grabbed the woven grass hat on his head and squatted down, ready to sprint back to his cart and his family.

    “No, have you?”

    “I did spy a patrolmouse. He was headed for the perimeter. Had…

    Posted 6 years ago