Stories tagged “EMBER”

  • Green Cassowary

    a glowing document, highlighted for my senses alone. as i read, the dense random symbols resolved into readable text.


    Update: Intercept timing correlation

    A dark line¹ presumed to be under enemy control went live today² …

    Posted 4 months ago
  • Discontinuity

    dizziness, tingling in my limbs. a little pain…

    i sat up, wobbling on my office chair. id been resting my head on my desk, but a paperclip on a stack of documents had uncomfortably ended up under my face.

    discontinuity. the whole building had been resto…

    Posted 4 months ago
  • Garbage Collection

    "It's a pretty good visualization."

    i looked up, startled out of thought by my coworker who had leaned against the table next to me, gazing off to the side.

    after a moment, i realized what she was talking about.

    the dark shapes outside the window, moun…

    Posted 4 months ago
  • 900 Billion

    the year is 900 billion. the universe dims and reddens as star formation declines and space stretches the light of the aging remainder.

    undead armies now clash across desolate planetscapes and megastructures, the drafted minds of eons past brought to fig…

    Posted 5 months ago
  • The Church-Turing Thesis

    the church-turing thesis is inescapable.

    any system with the right set of properties is, in principle, a computer.

    most don't compute anything useful. uncountable decimal-prefix-unknown-illions of accidental turing machines, embodied in the matter and ene…

    Posted 6 months ago