Stories tagged “DUCKS”

  • The Down Collector

    Funerals are odd ducks, aren't they? I mean they bring out the oddness in people. And odd people. Probably ducks too. I mean if the burying place is near a pond it's likely to attract its fair share of ducks, wouldn't you say? Like ponds and ducks, funera…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • The Beginning Of An Ending

    The wind blew and gusted to Maya's back, blowing her long black hair into her face as she walked through the icy park that morning. They were like thick tendrils wrapping around her head and, ever annoyingly, kept fluttering around her mouth and her eyes.…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • An Innocent Fundraiser

    "Well..." started Melissa, "the church is on fire, but the inside is still flooded to about waist level."

    "Never again" said the monsignor with a heavy sigh.

    To which he heard from the church's parking lot, "To be fair... the barbeque was a good idea in…

    Posted 6 years ago