Stories tagged “DISCUSSION”

  • Edge of Starlight: Paranoid Company

    “I saw you dock. Nasty looking black eye. That rock you towed in do that to you?” Captain Umski asked, rubbing at his own eyes.

    Captain Torrance sipped his rye. “Yup, fly ball out of left field.”

    “Really? Sensor malfunction?”

    “Ship A.I. says no.”


    Posted 4 years ago
  • Is Love Worth It?

    "Wait, so, she ran away from her husband into the arms of another man. That's adultery," concluded Sonia.

    "But, her husband was raping her. He only sees her as a possession he's entitled to by law," argued Monica.

    "Ew. I'd run away, too. Can't she get a s…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Authors' Serials and the Option of Sequeling

    I was thinking about series that are already in motion by a specific writer, such as the one I'm toiling on, the Legend of Tory Adore, which is finally developing a plot of sorts.

    Of course, the options to write a sequel or prequel still are offered for a…

    Posted 6 years ago