Stories tagged “CYOA”

  • META: Burning Questions

    Hi there, I think, I THINK, that I've got all the bits of "Burning Question" in place now. If you find any places where there seems to be an option but there's no sequel or link showing, please let me know at that page's comments, or here. Thank you!

    I fo…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • TRAILHEAD: Burning Questions (sample CYOA story)

    You have been asleep. But you're not in your bed. You don't even remember going to sleep. You feel like you're still half in some kind of murky dream.

    Gradually you become aware of a dull roar, not far away.

    You shake your head, hoping to clear it, but th…

    Posted 6 years ago
  • TRAILHEAD 1: Martin's Window

    Thunder crashed again. Martin looked up from his laptop, but could see little beyond the glow of his halogen desk lamp. Just for a moment, he had fancied that he could hear a deep rumble that was closer, something that was not the rain or thunder. Somet…

    Posted 6 years ago