Stories tagged “CURRENT EVENTS”

  • The Darkness (2/2)

    Well, it's hard to stay chipper, to keep up my hope.

    Such dark thoughts crowd my mind in a throng!

    As bad news piles like snowdrifts upon the steep slope,

    I don't think the descent will take long...


    As a child, full of life, I had power to spare

    Ah, wha…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • The Darkness (1/2)

    Do we ever recover from blows that we're dealt?

    Do we just learn to live with the dent?

    Does the sting ever fade from the pain that we've felt;

    Does it mingle with each sentiment?


    When a child's full of life, they have power to spare.

    As I grew, a full …

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Prophet

    INVEST your time in righting wrongs

    Inflicted by the greedy throngs

    INVENT a scheme to give love power

    To rail and batter down the Tower

    A HEATER warms me from the cold

    But THEATER could break their mold

    The HEATHER sways in fields untilled

    Where mem'ries…

    Posted 6 years ago