Stories tagged “CAPTAIN”

  • Cabin Boy and the Sea (Con't) (Poetry)

    The cabin boy, now Master of the Ship, walked alone

    stepping over the glass-eyed corpses of meat and bone,

    men who had once been, the only fathers he'd ever known.

    He cried for his own loss and the light-lost souls forever gone.

    The ship shuddered and cr…

    Posted 2 years ago
  • The Cabin Boy and the Sea (Poetry)

    The ship heaved high, breaking through the waves,

    the dark hell of night's clouds and the sea's spray

    Stars cloaked by a devil's veil were hidden away

    and the once mighty captain was lost and afraid

    The crew revolted pledging their wails to the winds,


    Posted 2 years ago
  • Food Fight?

    "The cooks will not take such abuse from the swabs!" Chef's face was red, and he slammed his ladle into the round table.

    "Your soup is little better than our mop-water!" screamed the chief swabbie.

    "My steersmen and engineers can't stay awake, living off …

    Posted 4 years ago