Stories tagged “BEAST”

  • High Priest of Inaray

    Zane Peters watched the news with growing anxiety. The Beast below was getting agitated again. That had been happening more and more.

    There was a sense of pressure like that of an oncoming headache. He could feel that thick writhing coldness pushing, alm…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • These Long Nights: The Beast

    Max paced the room. His encounter with the doctor hadn't gone as well as he'd hoped and he was keyed up and on edge.

    Soft moans from outside caused him to slow down and peek past a heavy curtain to the Asylum's grounds. Wind played the trees like harp st…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • The Beast At the Clubhouse

    We built a clubhouse way back where our two properties meet, sheltered in the woods. It was a our own safe house, a place of love, friendship, and laughter.

    Soon after it was built, the thrill of a new getaway began to wear off. We'd named it, made signs…

    Posted 6 years ago