Stories tagged “ATTRACTION”

  • The Conundrum

    "I know this sounds weird, but I really do love my husband."

    "You love your best friend," the bartender argued. "There's some serious chemistry."

    "Do you have children?" I asked her.

    "Yeah. Two girls."

    "Congrats. Do you love them both?"

    "Yes, but kid…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Why Are You Married?

    The next time we'd scheduled a meet-up, my best friend's girl suddenly had a work emergency. She posted pics online of her out drinking with friends and my best friend, late, after work.

    We rescheduled but I got sick, and while I got plenty of "that's to…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Friend Questions

    If I were to tell you, my darling friend,

    That I think that I'm falling for you,

    Would you feel I'd been lying? Would our friendship end?

    What would you say; what would you do?

    Well, I know well I shouldn't, I know in my place

    I must only be strict…

    Posted 7 years ago