Stories tagged “ACTS OF GOD”

  • Sestina: The Dashed Line (2/2)


    The cars soon sensed their venerable cable

    Was slipping in its grip, as sky turned pitch.


    The wind began to shriek, the cars to pitch.

    The rain prepared to rip them from their height

    And from their apathetic, beaten cable

    Which shone, revealed, by f…

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Sestina: The Dashed Line (1/2)

    From peak to lodge, too tightly stretched the cable;

    It glinted in the dying light of fall-

    Fresh sunset. The lone worker doused the light;

    As stars appeared, wind moaned in its deep pitch,

    With breath of ice. And in that lofty height,

    The string of cars …

    Posted 5 years ago