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  • Unexpected Guest

    Thermu burst into the parlor without knocking, her voice raised in excitement.

    "Esma! I found it! I finally found-"

    Esma turned with a panicked smile and owl-wide eyes from her seat in the wingback chair. Across from her sat a sharply dressed man with lon…

    Posted 21 days ago
  • TRAILHEAD: Burning Questions (sample CYOA story)

    You have been asleep. But you're not in your bed. You don't even remember going to sleep. You feel like you're still half in some kind of murky dream.

    Gradually you become aware of a dull roar, not far away.

    You shake your head, hoping to clear it, but th…

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Crowns

    Grey hairs come from stress

    Silver comes from wisdom

    White hair, righteousness

    And baldness if you miss them

    Posted 2 days ago
  • It's windy on the tops

    "I did warn you."

    "You've seen my underwear before."

    "Yes, but not in the open air. On the highest hill in the county."

    "It's windy. I'm a web designer: my wardrobe is a bit thin in the hiking skirts department."

    "A lack we are clearly going to have to ad…

    Posted 14 days ago
  • You Hurt Me So Quietly

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 18 days ago
  • Basement Transcendence

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 15 days ago
  • Tuesday


    "Where are you right now?"

    "In my car. I'm driving home from work."

    "Are you alone?"

    "I'm talking to you. You're in my car, so I'm not alone. Where have you been? I haven't heard from you in days."

    "Hmpf. Well, maybe that's because I'm ma…

    Posted 13 days ago
  • Cake for Breakfast

    Friday. Sunny, cool under the shade of tall oaks. Breezy. The park was calm in this early hour where most are just starting their workday. Perfect for running.

    Not perfect for crying alone at a picnic table.

    He saw her halfway through the first lap. The…

    Posted 9 days ago
  • Asbriong

    On clear nights you could see the distant glimmering pinpricks of light denoting the city's presence. It was tucked away amongst deep mountain ridges and thickly forested land, with hints of water hidden in the surroundings.

    The view was beautiful this ti…

    Posted 14 days ago
  • Burning Coals

    They fought on. Orthael gave ground again and again, knowing that he could not - would not - strike her. She threw him a dangerously open slice, daring him to show her that Fire destroyed without meaning or mercy. But that was not the case. He caught her …

    Posted 13 days ago
  • My Defiance

    It soared out of midnight, all gas envelope and aerosolized Nightmare, propelled by only God knows what. It carried a tiny bomber bay, loaded with a lethality that would have made any nation quake to its roots, if any knew it existed.

    The airship was bla…

    Posted 19 days ago
  • Control

    One of the hardest lessons I've learned is that some things you can control, and some things you can't. With that lesson came the realization that accepting what you can and cannot control will make you happier.

    For example, I cannot control the attitude…

    Posted 7 days ago
  • Opportunity Knocks

    Raised voices from inside greeted his booted arrival announcement, but it took him a few seconds to realize that somehow no-one seemed to have heard him.

    Grims paused, halfway up the porch steps, one foot raised - a pointer-dog parody.

    Grims listened.


    Posted 20 days ago
  • Burning Questions: Run to the right to the back stairs

    As soon as you get to the opening of the back stairs, you can see that it's no good. The ceiling has fallen down and there's a pile of burning textbooks blocking the entire stairway. You'd better

    go back to the elevator, or try the main stairs

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Memory Lane

    The world spun.

    Images flashed through his head like a montage in a bad movie. He steadied himself against the fence as the pavement threatened to swallow him whole. What was supposed to be a tour of nostalgic sights had given way to a slew of repressed …

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Burning Questions: Try the main stairs

    [To go to the main stairs, please visit this page: https://ficlatte.com/stories/41127]

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Burning Questions: Run to the elevator and press the down button

    You wait, but there are no lights. The elevator doesn't seem to be working, and you can't stand to wait any more. You get moving.

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Trains of Thought

    "You've got to stop yawning like that."

    "I can't help it! I'm bored."

    "Well, yawn any bigger and I'll be able to see out the other end."

    "Ugh! You're gross. Keep your voice down."


    "Because the last thing I want is for everyone to remember me as the …

    Posted 20 days ago
  • Promise Ring

    My ring grew ice cold. I hid it under my leg. I wasn't sure if it would glow in the dark theater, but I wasn't about to chance it.

    I leaned towards my boyfriend, laying my head on his shoulder until the ring warmed up. He knew I had it and what it meant,…

    Posted 11 days ago
  • Debasement Antecedence

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 9 days ago
  • Watch Your Language

    Sophie Claire was far from a damsel in distress, so she didn't cry out when the rust and gunmetal colored 357 Smith and Wesson blew a gaping chasm in Earnie's torso. She had driven a stake through his chest with a hand maul while he slept, to no avail, …

    Posted 3 months ago
  • Of the Dark, Of the Light

    Malika brought Morduth up so it pointed at the newcomer. Blue flame flared up bright and tall along the blade's length, spilling over the hilt and onto her hand and wrist. She didn't notice. All her attention was on this man of the cloth standing before h…

    Posted 22 days ago
  • Blazing Sparks

    Orthael felt her blow crash into his guard with a stunning violence. He spun to deliver a pommel strike and felt her duck under him before his shield caught two quick blows. Judgement came back around, its edge silently hunting for the gaps and holes in h…

    Posted 13 days ago
  • The Final Contestant

    They called it The Game. Every month a new round began, drawing thousands of competitors. Most were insane, or simply suicidal. Its ten deadly traps, called Levels, had claimed their millionth victim just last month. The billion-dollar prize was seductive…

    Posted 12 days ago
  • Inside the Perimeter

    Grims pulled the corpse of the kid from the post, allowing it to flop to the ground. There was no dignity in death, not that the Korpskys had any dignity in life, either. Once again he heaved the body over his shoulder and made his way among the weeds and…

    Posted 29 days ago