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  • Not Feeling It

    Walking by the general store, Juana Sanchez caught sight of her reflection in a barrel of rain water and stopped. She couldn't resist taking a better look after the day she'd had. The bullring had been especially brutal today despite the autumn weather. W…

    Posted 10 days ago
  • Lost Things: Pandora

    The elevator doors opened. Pandora stepped onto the 52nd floor of the Pouthena Building. Pulling her shawl closer, she gingerly set out for Row 31, her cane tapping a slow staccato on the marble tile as she walked. She had all the time in the world.


    Posted 31 days ago
  • Lost Things: Solo Extraction

    The storm was rising, fine red dust obscuring everything, but I checked my compass one last time before spotting Building Arrethe just ahead. The combination of night-vision and rubber gloves made me clumsy and slow, but it was better than the alternative…

    Posted 28 days ago
  • Truth in the Wash

    “Not quite evil mother-in-law material but not fun either, I imagine.” I switched back to a happier subject. “When's your next performance, exactly?”

    “Next Wednesday—a week from tomorrow.”

    I blinked at the assertion that tomorrow was Wednesday. Such a s…

    Posted 17 days ago
  • Apathy is Annoying

    Unregistered college graduates drink through a discussion on the possibility of fewer student loans


    Overworked parents scoff at the idea of paternity leave and cheaper child care


    A dusty ballot woolgathers at the bottom of stack of medical bills



    Posted 24 days ago
  • Lost Things

    The floorboards creaked with my passage, threatening to collapse, but the key is to be sure and confident - uncertainty is infectious, and many a man has died by his own hesitation. My boots did not pause until I reached my destination - Building Grachkin…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Ghostly Tears

    "What's this ring about?" he rounded on me with accusation, hurt, and anger in his eyes.

    "This is a promise ring."

    "Promise!? You took VOWS to be my wife!"

    Patiently, and without fear, I patted to the cushion next to me. He sat, but his hands shook. "List…

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Lost Things: Snare

    It wasn't funny anymore. The first few times, maybe, but it had been several hours now and there was nothing remotely humorous about it. He wasn't yet ready to give up, though.

    He reread the note, searching for some tiny scrap of useful information. He h…

    Posted 26 days ago
  • Pinned to the Spot Above

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    Posted 31 days ago
  • Never Happened

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    Posted 21 days ago
  • Lost Things: 09:30:47

    I kept my hands to myself and hurried on. I had a reasonably generous timeframe to get what I needed from Case 39 and leave before the window of opportunity closed.

    "Sam, is that you?"

    I started quite considerably. I had seen other case-seekers today on…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • An unexpected sacrifice

    Sometimes I forget that home has a scent

    A comforting reminder of a familiar space, habits, and expectations

    It’s unexpected

    The pain of it’s absence

    Especially knowing how transitional my locations will be

    Without it I am less

    On my journey to become …

    Posted 24 days ago
  • Talu's Escape

    Tap tap tap tap tap tap.

    The pink girl darted across the rooftop, jumping gaps and dodging arrows, crystals, rocks, and all manner of magical projectiles.

    "Talu, wait up!" The little weasel-like creature followed after her, much slower on its short litt…

    Posted 5 months ago
  • Fire, After the Ashes

    I hate being a slave to my feelings. I don't know how not to feel something. Shit, feeling something on command isn't something I can do either.

    Try not being angry

    Try not to be sad.

    Stop being depressed.

    Don't like her.

    Don't feel bad for him, h…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Delta-V

    I can see the stars, but I don't have the fuel.

    My trajectory is set, but I'm gazing off to the side.

    I'm going somewhere, but not where I'm looking.

    The possibilities are limitless, but my choices finite.

    I started too early, and I'll be too late.


    Posted 3 months ago
  • Feeding Time at the Zoo

    I was supposed to feed the wallabies.

    Oh, I remembered about an hour later.

    It was a slight the wallabies would not forget nor forgive.

    I'm convinced they keep a list in their head of each person or creature that slights them in the smallest of degrees…

    Posted 3 months ago
  • Falling Caryatid

    “Is this a day time or a night time thing?” I asked.

    “Nights exclusively which is why I can go. Ralph and Grandma Jean stay in and watch the baby.”

    “They don't come with you? Wait a minute, what baby?”

    “My sister's kid.”

    “Jesus, there's a fourth perso…

    Posted 23 days ago
  • Starving it is Worse

    There is a dark stain on my family that has been passed down through at least ten generations. It seems to affect men and women equally but no more than one in any given generation though we all seem to carry it. I can trace our weakness through four gene…

    Posted 16 days ago
  • The Waiting Game

    She promised she'd meet me here. It was our favorite place in all the world and it had the benefit of being a place that no one would think to look for us: a small cafe named "Kis Nyúl" in the remote town of Zics, Hungary. Nothing about our separate and s…

    Posted 2 months ago
  • Deforestation

    I burn my old poetry.

    My shame is hotter than the fire.

    I think:

    You cannot cut down a tree and leave the earth empty.

    You cannot cut down a tree and not plant a new seed.

    Posted 1 year ago
  • You are nothing Special - RANT

    Let's get down to business,

    Let's talk.

    Your selfishness has grown and grown,

    To the point of no return.

    See, you are the baby girl of the family,

    Everyone caters to your every whim,

    You think that you are the be all end all..

    But let me stop you right th…

    Posted 4 years ago
  • Broken

    Somber mind,

    Endless nights,

    When will end,

    I’m losing sight -

    Breaking away,

    From the chains,

    Never thought I could,

    But here I am.




    Does it get better,

    Or does it get worse?

    Stuck in this house,

    Stuck in this bed..…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Good Question

    Gone was the demure scion of the Burns house that I had known. In her place stood a crazed woman, nattering at nothing I could see though I could sense cold, electrical malignance blanketing the air above us. The motions of her body and limbs were stiff a…

    Posted 12 days ago
  • So Close and Yet So Far

    Alone in a vast desert, atop a nameless stone tower, a single hooded figure watched the sky. Deep with the tower's belly a siren-like wail erupted. Closer and closer it grew, accompanied by slamming doors, rising as it ascended each floor until finally Ja…

    Posted 28 days ago
  • Je ne parle pas français, mais je peux l'écouter

    I hadn't talked to Fireboy in forever, but he owed me a favor. He still understood my signal—and still kept his old jogging routine. The false rock I planted the USB drive in was moved back, indicating he was on board. So now I stood outside the oxygen ba…

    Posted 3 years ago