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  • Just to say--

    This isn't just to say

    That I have eaten the plums

    From the icebox that you unwisely left unlocked


    Like, you didn't even install a lock

    What were you thinking?


    Any butthead could come along and steal your plums!

    You're damn lucky it was me.


    They wer…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Outside the Railroad

    Realistically it wasn't going to happen. The lighter dark of the road seemed to go on forever, winding through the greater outer dark of the forest around us. More than anything we were hungry, so hungry it made us weak. Hungry, filthy, and unprotected--t…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Sweet Memory (Poem)

    Dreaming heart breaks

    there's no escape

    when you're with him

    I drown within

    your sweet memory

    . . .

    You're breaking free

    aching tears sliding

    now they fall free

    sobs spaced between

    and then you leave

    a sweet memory

    . . .

    It's all nothing

    'ship corrup…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Unleashing the River

    I followed the stream up to where I had dammed it a year ago. I was surprised it had held this long. It hadn't taken much to build, just a couple dozen rocks stacked in the right places. Looking back, I wondered why I had done it at all. I mean I knew the…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • To Be Named

    I felt around the sides of my neck. She was right. The skin there was sore, tender to the touch. My suspicion of her seemed justified and came flooding back. I was choked recently and she finds me, leash in hand? I don't know if it was guilt or what that …

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Summer's End

    Thanks to a bright sun and a wide cloudless sky, the afternoon was warm with nothing but the echo of a breeze to prevent it from getting too hot. That just goes to show that monsters weren't caged by night. They can show up at any time, even a day as nic…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Vulture Chic Among Rats

    "Here it gors. Me and my cogs was moffing along the murky part of the Long Tews, minding our own business-grifts, we was. When all of a sudden these two 'barians spilled outta a drunkard's den. Real strangers, they was, and really going at it, faces like …

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Point of Origin

    I hopped over a pair of the ash-filled streams, so contaminated that the clear water of my childhood had become an opaque gray. The air wasn't much better but it was getting clearer. The sun behind the smoky sky was still such an angry red that I could fe…

    Posted 9 months ago
  • Your Worst Nightmare

    He squirmed and screamed but he wasn't going anywhere. My left arm was securely locked around his upper body. The claws of my left hand had perforated his upper abdomen and were interlocked with his lower ribs. With my right hand, I slowly shredded his sk…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Still Mad

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Nocturnal Visitations

    There is a light that comes past my window early in the morning. It's not that bright, certainly not bright enough to wake me from a deep sleep. Unfortunately my dreams have been troubled lately and worse yet, broken by urgent calls of nature that treat m…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • The Down Collector

    Funerals are odd ducks, aren't they? I mean they bring out the oddness in people. And odd people. Probably ducks too. I mean if the burying place is near a pond it's likely to attract its fair share of ducks, wouldn't you say? Like ponds and ducks, funera…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • A Corrupted Well

    Suddenly her simply standing there watching me made her suspect. Why was this girl trying to help me? Sure it had been her dog that had woke me up but there had been no reason to stick around after her apology. She had made sure I was okay. By all account…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • From "Gospel of Gold" part 1

    ROBERT. He was hardly a scoundrel, as you seem to suppose,

    But a man of distinction and charm.

    From his pale, curving lips to his aquiline nose,

    All his features made pulses run warm.

    In his elegant home, in his opulent clothing,

    He had sumptuous taste a…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Hunter in the Hallway

    I awoke to soft light in the hallway outside my room. Soft greenness pulsed faintly about chest high, far below where the hallway light was mounted. The ebb and flow of it's intensity gave it a kind of bobbing motion.

    There was no sign of the sun outside…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Hounded

    Daryl scrubbed at his skin wishing it were lighter. White would be good but no amount of bleach would make it look natural. Lighter skin could him safe passage in and out of Louisiana as long as no one looked too closely, which they would. Paranoia fueled…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • She Didn't Even Know Why Anymore

    Doctor Tanner waited until the clock read 8:00 before approaching Darlene. She was munching on baby carrots while watching some kind of colorful cartoon on the wall screen.

    “It's time for bed.” Dr. Tanner said gently.

    Without looking, Darlene replied, “…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • A Ton of Bricks

    Today, I was hit with a ton of bricks. Killed me outright... stone dead.

    I never even saw it coming. I was just walking along with a friend, talking about something trivial just to make conversation. Then, suddenly... right out of the blue, wham!

    So wha…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Just Because You Don't See It--

    “Do you have a wallet?”

    I looked at the girl without comprehension, my mind focused on the fact that I no longer had a name, just this infinite hollow blank where my name used to be. I felt naked. Undefined. Like something vital had been stripped away.

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Phoenix

    I watched you burn.

    I watched as your multi-hued plumage singed and reduced to grey, dead ash.

    I watched powerlessly as your skin, flesh and bone blistered, seared and charred. Before long, a pile of soot and slag was all that remained where you had bee…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • The Other Shoe

    Three of us rode north in my 2002 Camry. Sometimes it felt too small, but having recently been in a Volvo from the eighties, I was forced to concede that cars had gotten a lot roomier since the time of ALF. Wil and David (never Dave) didn't feel the same …

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Hollowing Out

    The inside of the tent was dark and cold and claustrophobic. Bree rolled over in her blanket, wrapping it tightly around her shoulders. Dan, her mom's new boyfriend, whispered something on the other side of the tent causing her mom to giggle. Bree rolled …

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Intrusive Thoughts - Poetry - Rap

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Pathways in the Dark

    The room, if you can call it that, for it was enormous, easily the largest single chamber I'd seen down here in the dark, was a nightmare landscape of chaos. I had to shake my head and blink my eyes several times to try to rid myself of the vertigo it i…

    Posted 10 months ago
  • Creeping Doubt

    I wonder if I'm unwanted. Am I the problem? I've always tried to make things better but I feel like I'm trying to keep the heart beating on a dying Clydesdale. Substitute any other majestic animal you want. For me the Clydesdale carries mass and dignity i…

    Posted 10 months ago