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  • Thrown Stones

    Simon Krapper whimpered from his cross. He was still alive. Eyes bleary from pain, from tears, from the sun, blinked and did not see. He was beyond that. Sweat rolled off his body but still he shivered.

    Willum pressed a damp sponge to the crucified man's…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • See You Next Time

    I awoke with a start to noise from downstairs: a series of thumps punctuated by broken glass, as if someone had tipped out the contents of my liquor cabinet.

    Throwing on my camisole, I slipped through my bedroom door and crept among the darkness of the u…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Anticipation

    There's a joy in anticipation, you know? In already composing the email response you're hoping for before you even open your laptop at the diner?

    I've sent off hundreds of pieces for publication before. My poems and essays and shorts are scattered ac…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Burns

    Red sunburned skin scored the rounded edges of my shoulder blades, along the outsides of my forearms, across the middle of my face and topped it off with a giant patch on my head where thinning hair had failed to protect my scalp from the sun. With a gene…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Cages

    I stepped of the Rail and dropped down to street level. Anticipation quickened my steps. My presence triggered storefronts auto-advertisements causing neon signs to pop into view. Swatting off a nude model offering discount massages, I crossed a street gr…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • A Preservation of Mulberry

    I finished the last line with a flourish, dropping the quill back into its pot and shuffling the pages together. Tucking my chair under the table, I made my way to Katy while weaving past pot handles and trays that dangled and protruded over various surfa…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Knots

    I had been there working on the same sentence for an hour when she slid into the booth across from me.

    Her smile commanded my attention like I was a ship lost in a storm and she the guide light from a light house. Delightfully, I could see a garden of wh…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Where are you

    Wind hammered the windows and made the shutters crack against the outside of Kevin's house. Bent over a chair near the fireplace, he listened to the sounds and imagined some great beast being hunted by enthusiastic men, courageous and true. Yesterday rain…

    Posted 7 months ago
  • Among the Stars: If You Open It--

    Before entering through the hole he'd made, Darnell unhooked his tether and attached it to a metal eye-hook below the outer handhold. Then he stashed his torch and climbed inside, careful not to tear his suit. After entering the airlock Darnell found the …

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Among the Stars: Following Protocol

    Darnell unclipped his laser torch and used the butt to tap on the door. He didn't hear anything. Pressing his helmet against it, he tried again. There was a hollow tonk tonk tonk but no answering sound.

    He radioed Bach. “Been knocking and no answer, an…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Scorpion

    Brass tinkled on the workshop floor. Beckton closed the bolt again, but didn't pop up for another shot immediately. Flame had caught on the solid wood of the workbench, and the heat haze and smoke made it hard to see - only compounded by runes on the unde…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Among the Stars: Bullseye

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Some Springs are Dammed

    Kelly had been fourteen when she decided her father wasn't coming back. He had disappeared two years prior while on a walk, something he'd do quietly on his own every couple of days. Busy doing homework at the kitchen table she hadn't noticed it then but …

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Opportunities in Ashes

    The wind picked up around me, growing denser as smoke from the burning city below infused it. Particulates filled the air with enough irritants to give my lungs a tickle without quite forcing me to cough. I worried about long-term exposure but the activit…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Nightmare Without End, Amen

    It's a nightmare to see you. If I catch a glimpse of you without warning, my heart gives a panicked lurch, like a frightened cat trying to bolt every which way at once. Yet I placed you on the face of my phone so that anytime I use it, I see you smiling, …

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Responses to Elsha and Robert's comments on "About Elsewhere"

    Hello again Elsha and Robert! I have no cell phone, just a laptop's not my own one, it's furnished through the courtesy of my hosts. So far they just leave it in this room and let me use it. I don't know why. Perhaps they think I'll try to m…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Suburban Shadows: The Nest

    Descending down the stairs to the basement, I almost gagged on the overwhelming funk that permeated the air. It was the rank smell of a high school locker room just after summer practice; unwashed bodies and stale sweat.

    The missing men's clothes lay sca…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • About Elsewhere

    Hey so a few ideas.

    I'm going to try and take some webcam pictures out the window, it's just desert but maybe it will help. I have started a "soup" blog and may be able to post pictures there

    Yeah I have played ARGs before and that's how I knew about bina…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Follow up

    The wifi here is not good I wrote a sequel but it failed to send and the text was erased so here I am again, I'll sum up.

    When I was interrupted last time it was a new person, a bearded man the others seemed to be obeying, stern but at first pretty calm


    Posted 8 months ago
  • Coming Down

    When I woke, I found my body folded up around my stomach like a clam. That was where a hardening pearl of pain thundered, building pressure I couldn't ignore even while unconscious. My brain tried to get a sense of my surroundings at the same time as anot…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • try8ijnh to stayp awak

    I can surf around but social media sites are blocked

    I guess it's not too bad, it's just they won't let me sleep

    trying to stay awake somehow

    wish we could chat here or something, ask for a care package

    there's a window but it's all like desert outside p…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Gypsy Magic

    "Which couple will brave the journey?" the gypsy matriarch asked her captive audience. She had bespoken a spell and sand rose like smoke and drifted towards me and the one that I wished was my partner.

    The spell was listening to my heart, but if I let it…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Brunch!

    This i slovely

    I was so hungry

    I want more, but that was really nice to eat

    Fresh bread would be even better though.

    Thanks Ramon!

    Posted 8 months ago
  • Greetings

    Hi everyone I'm Azel, I decided to make a post at this random site for something to do and I hope it's fun here, maybe someone will read these and want to respond! That sounds like fun!

    I'm away from home now, I don't know just where I am, and I wish I co…

    Posted 8 months ago
  • When I say She is a Drug . . .

    I breathed her in.

    A storm of quicksilver lightning, and winds so cold they burned hot, rushed into me, consuming me. Trapped with pulsing, unchecked energy, I was helpless as a terrible violence expanded in my chest, rising to my head. This was her whir…

    Posted 8 months ago