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  • You are nothing Special - RANT

    Let's get down to business,

    Let's talk.

    Your selfishness has grown and grown,

    To the point of no return.

    See, you are the baby girl of the family,

    Everyone caters to your every whim,

    You think that you are the be all end all..

    But let me stop you right th…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Gunfire: The Principles

    Apart from Ryle, the other thing that the captain (and, of course, he would not be the first to do so) would ask about was the shooting. And, since there was nothing but my own supposition, I was more than happy to tell him about marksmanship.

    There are …

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Chase Scene

    There was a camera - small, hidden - mounted on the hood of Trinity Keane's car, scanning forward in millimeter-wave, visible, and infrared. All of this transmitted itself to her bionic eye, in an offputting but, she had to admit, useful way - the visible…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Critique

    He gazes up from his desk

    At the pencil-slanted rain

    A myriad little stories

    Creeping down his window pane

    As his hand fondles his pen

    Potential from within

    He wonders what to write

    What they will think of him

    Too many to catch

    With his flimsy net

    Ideas w…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Prison Cell

    The lantern swung indolently from its fixture, casting skulking shadows around the stone cell. The only sound was the steady drip, drip of water between the stonework, falling gently onto the figure strewn out on the cold lockup floor. The woman bore mark…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • I wanted to do it without full-stop padding.

    Forswear sesquipidalian garrulousness, communicating antidisestablishmentarian memoranda.

    Posted 7 years ago
  • As the Stars Went Out

    "So that's what that does," I said as the stars went out, "I'd always wondered."

    Posted 7 years ago
  • oG ,teS ,ydaeR

    The battery of sensors in the hood of the police car tracked the signal, the shining beacon of radio waves emanating from the van. It plotted the location onto a GPS map in the dashboard.

    Meanwhile, a small army of police waited behind the barricade. Near…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Bark

    (This was written under the influence of two bottles of wine and a complete disregard for grammar)

    There is a belief that, if you look close enough at the bark of trees, you'll see yourself in the grooves.

    You, who are made of flesh and blood and mushy…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The Burden of Guilt

    Sadie straightened and cast around for Astarlane. She spotted her bracing against a rock a few dozen metres distant, getting to her feet.

    In the distance, there was unmistakably orcish shouting. Sadie motioned for close formation and advanced slowly.


    Posted 7 years ago
  • Bored Depression

    The record turned, the sound of white noise held my attention more than the music. I wanted to drown in it, like waves of the ocean. Suddenly it was too overwhelming, the music, the ocean of static, my restlessness. I turned it off, the record needle gri…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The Heart of the Burden

    Sadie dodged Tenever's second blow, instinctively returning a feinting hit that caught him in the side. He collapsed under the force of the strike, grabbing her shoulders instead.


    She twisted her shoulders to throw him, reaching for her combat …

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Full of Holes

    You wake to the shivers of dreaming, cold sweats and stifling, suffocating, scratching sheets.

    Torn into reality like paper.

    It leaks through the holes like static, influences and misdirects, reality as uncomfortable as the humidity soaking through st…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Ready, Set, Go

    The old man wasn't the only person in the van. In the driver's compartment, Trinity Keane switched between police stations. The content was almost entirely banal - robberies, traffic, drug possession, et cetera - but now and then, the interesting happened…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Running Behind

    The opening was busy but dull for Felicity. Her sisters passively told her she was in the way and eventually, instead of trying to help, she sat on the curb outside the shop. Sultana plopped down next to her on the scorched sidewalk.

    "Heya. They knock ya …

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The Void of the Heart

    Sadie sat in silence with four others while their up-armored civilian vehicle swerved through the afternoon traffic towards the hostage site. Every piece of equipment gleamed, new and fit-for-purpose - a stark contrast to her military days. In private mil…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Meanwhile, At The Police Station

    The first police presence came in the form of a formation of drones, small and silver, hardly visible in the morning light. They flew from their base, along Hyacinth Street, and collectively pulled into a dive as they approached.

    An unobtrusive antenna at…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Family Business

    "Son," he rasped, laying in his bed, sweating through the sheets.

    "I'm here, Dad."

    "Son, I need you to make the delivery."

    "Dad, I'm not part of this family business! I made my life elsewhere!"

    Coughing erupted from the old man and lasted for a full 30 se…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The Gratitude of the Void

    Of all the hazards Astarlane had dealt with in the past, psychotropics were by far the worst. Raiders, toxics, traps - those, she felt, were honest dangers.

    But the psychotropics weren't like that. They used you - used your inner demons against you. It …

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The run

    I had to go, I could not take him with me. I left him in his cage.

    Something happened. It happened almost too fast to react to it. As I drive down the freeway, I think about him. I left Oscar in the care of a friend, even though I knew my friend was not …

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Cow Rite 1: The Hour Itself

    The day of the Cow Rite had arrived, like a lover who had blacked out overnight and had finally come home from the pub. As the day dawned, a mauve haze like a spill of off-coloured milk on the dairy floor of the horizon, the fields blossomed with daffodil…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Operation Racquetball

    To understand why Mike Green had begun to scream, one must merely look at the events of a few seconds earlier.

    Then, an old man had sat in a windowless van, ensconced in soundproofing, and raised a small radio to his lips. "Begin," he declared tonelessly,…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Lost for Eternity

    A friendship gone

    Forever lost


    Brought the Frost

    So much in common

    Yet years apart

    So many differences

    Lies of the heart

    Deception takes on

    Many forms

    Resulting in

    Abandoned norms

    Out of sight

    Not out of mind

    Ease of pain

    A Difficult fin…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • The Phone Call

    "So, I heard you were in town?"

    He could practically hear Mike Green's intense grin over the phone. In college, she had been his best friend. Shortly thereafter, they had parted ways - Gonçalves to Freetalk, Green to some analytics firm bound by sheafs of…

    Posted 7 years ago
  • Gunfire: The Partnership

    Ryle was a powerful force, to say the least. He provided an impetus, an undeniable single-minded focus on the task at hand that defied setbacks, distractions and complications. He would have been a superb operator in any scenario.

    What I brought to the p…

    Posted 7 years ago