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  • Broken

    Somber mind,

    Endless nights,

    When will end,

    I’m losing sight -

    Breaking away,

    From the chains,

    Never thought I could,

    But here I am.




    Does it get better,

    Or does it get worse?

    Stuck in this house,

    Stuck in this bed..…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • "disappointment motorbike table" three word prompt

    I unlocked my deadbolt and pushed the oak door open. I walked through the kitchen, grabbing a soda, and moved beyond it, massaging my temple. Then I stood stock still. The motorbike was there, parked on my dining room table. That, of all the things th…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Dynamo

    The room erupted into chaos. On his back with Newkirk's weight atop him and a terrible wet feeling spreading across his chest, Beckton steadied the Browning Automatic Rifle as best he could with one arm and promptly emptied the entire magazine of Magic Mi…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Three Word Prompt: In a Landscape by Dali

    I'll never know how you could build this gate:

    This time and place and structure to explore

    A valley that exists behind my pate

    Uncanny in new ways I can't ignore.


    I gaze at the horizon--distant, pale

    I wonder at the 'hemoths on the coast

    I tread wi…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Adder

    Agent Osterley took a kneeling position with a clear view on the enemy combatant she assumed as Yorck - who certainly looked the part, firing off pyromatic spells with vigour.

    With care, she reached into the front pocket of her apron and withdrew a large…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Three Word Prompt: In the Lincoln Woods with Dad (Part 2 of 2)

    I reach. I fumble. My fingers renew their acquaintance with that smooth black stone of yesteryear. I remember the knit cap, with Donald Duck on it, and gasp in wonder. How have you been, old friend, old chronicle, old heart? The rhetorical echoes send…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Three Word Prompt: In the Lincoln Woods with Dad (Part 1 of 2)

    As I tromp through the woods in Lincoln, I can smell the deep green and hear the crackle of burnt red pine needles. I can barely make out the path anymore. It's been decades since my last visit. I remember the taste of the frigid bottle of grape soda I al…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Three Word Prompt: Upon a Fulfilled Dream

    I'm dancing with you, hands together, your hand on my waist, slowly turning in the room that is in a misty dream in my mind. Finally, we're dancing together. I bury my face in your shoulder and neck and kiss you, cherishing this vision. I hear violins and…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • My Roller Coaster Buddy

    My Roller Coaster Buddy,

    The man who’d “bomb” my hair,

    A man of integrity, kind and fair.

    Who loved to tease,

    Who was silly and always had fun,

    Everyone has a favorite memory of “Brother Murphy”.

    To everyone he would meet,

    He’d give them a …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Python 2

    Silvertown ripped the empty magazine out of the Thompson, let it fall and retrieved a spare from the garter on her right leg to make the weapon ready again.

    Newkirk rolled to his feet with surprising nimbleness and the two spellcasters exchanged fire on…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Python 1

    Newkirk frowned as another sliver of the future was revealed to him. At this point divination was merely granting him glimpses into weaknesses he was already aware of, he was gravely tempted to give up. There was, however, still a possibility of useful in…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Cobra

    Newkirk cast a critical glance over Yorck. She had changed a great deal in the years since they had parted ways. Dark blonde hair, which had once been tied back in a messy ponytail, was now gathered in a low braid on one side. A hood partly covered her fa…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Fractal Realities: Meditation

    Meditation didn't come naturally to him. Far too often, unwanted sensations and thoughts invaded his sense of peace, solidly anchoring him in the world that he was trying to escape for just a few brief moments. Something as simple as a mosquito buzzing ag…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Silberfuchs

    Beckton breathed out consciously as they approached the end of the bombe racks and risked a look back at Newkirk, who was twirling his wand restlessly. It described complex arcs of revolution and counter-revolution as it span, but gave no hint of the magi…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Snug

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 3 years ago
  • a cloth airplane, aloft!

    A flight of fancy.

    I was walking listlessly one day and passed someone's private boat in their driveway. The boat was covered by a tarpaulin, light blue. I've seen cars, motorbikes, and even buildings covered with cloth, too, at times. For their protectio…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Platinfuchs

    Beckton stepped through the fourth row of bombe racks, trying valiantly to ignore the incessant clicking of the cryptologic machines as they crunched their way through yet another coded message. He drew from his right pocket one of the large box magazines…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Rentier

    Silvertown led the way into the darkened construction hall. Electronic components, vacuum tubes, and the occasional scrawl of developmental magic were everywhere in the open space - lying across drafting tables and workbenches alike.

    Osterley tried to ig…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Immaterial Post

    "Coming up on the anomaly now," I whispered. "All seems normal."

    "Copy that. Telemetry looks good from here."

    The steady hiss of oxygen coming from the compressed tank on my back punctuated each step as I made my way over the uneven ground. As I did, th…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Shadows

    There's a darkness in you. It hides in our whole family. It's a sickness that must be fought and accepted in equal parts. I know it. You won't, not until you look inside yourself without flinching and recognize that your darkness shares your face. It's in…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Opossum

    Beckton frowned at this, but rather than making eye contact with Silvertown checked his weapon.

    "What do we know about the message?"

    "Very little. Director Ackerson knew more. He's meant to be in his office."

    No-one needed to say what had likely happen…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Musketoon

    Silvertown caught Newkirk staring and winked at the same moment Osterley coughed pointedly.

    "Perivale was wounded in a firefight with Moritz and enemy saboteurs. Newkirk engaged and destroyed Moritz. Now we're here for Bleecker."

    Silvertown pressed her …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Dryad

    When a human silhouette appeared in a doorway to their left, Newkirk was quick to react. He raised an arm and gathered a firebolt to throw -

    Osterley gently but very firmly pushed his arm down.

    "Silvertown, I presume."

    Lowering the lengthy shape of a B…

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Chastise

    Newkirk felt Osterley grab at his sleeve as she fell, but before he was pulled off his feet she let go and rolled to a halt. She sprang up seconds later, letting her heavy woolen cloak fall - already going up in flames. The agent leaned into a sprint the …

    Posted 3 years ago
  • Perpetual

    Beckton brought them to a screeching halt in a cloud of acrid-smelling tyre smoke. Both agents left the vehicle immediately, taking cover behind their open doors and firing from behind them in the manner of policemen.

    The headlights threw long shadows th…

    Posted 3 years ago