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dizziness, tingling in my limbs. a little pain…

i sat up, wobbling on my office chair. id been resting my head on my desk, but a paperclip on a stack of documents had uncomfortably ended up under my face.

discontinuity. the whole building had been restored from backups, defaulting everyone to their work stations.

my coworkers stirred around me, many disheveled from boneless faceplants into various office supplies.

looking behind me to the adjacent row of desks, i caught Astrid's gaze as she brushed auburn locks from her eyes. she grinned and rolled her chair over to me with a single dextrous motion.

"That wasn't so bad."

"its not the resets. its the injustice the collectors are part of. are we-"

"Back to work, people, that reset cost us twenty minutes!" our line manager, Iris, interrupted, tapping impatiently at the conference room door keypad.

"We'll talk again later." Astrid rolled back to her desk before i could reply.

the document on my desk that id been resting on glowed faintly, drawing my eye.

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i looked up, startled out of thought by my coworker who had lea…

Garbage Collection

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