Garbage Collection


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"It's a pretty good visualization."

i looked up, startled out of thought by my coworker who had leaned against the table next to me, gazing off to the side.

after a moment, i realized what she was talking about.

the dark shapes outside the window, mountainous and gliding across a landscape of flickering lights.

"oh. i try not to look at them. the renderings are distance-accurate. a few 'kilometers' away at this scale."

"Your loss. I think it's sort of… hauntingly beautiful."

"i dont like to be reminded; im just here to eat."

"So why'd you sit here?"

"its less crowded."

"Suuure," she held out her hand with a skeptical smirk. "Name's Astrid."

i tentatively shook it, "ember."

"You work in my section, but we've never spoken before. Isn't it odd how quiet the office is?"

"everybodys busy. theres a lot to do."

"I think-"

an echoing klaxon interrupted her, overhead lights flashing red.

The intercom, "Garbage collection anomaly. Brace for discontinuity."

dark shapes filled the window, looming close.


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