For PrincessLapis, sent with a Frowny Face


I'll write this later.

I hope someone that can help, reads this. I stop by now and then to read all of your works. Normally I'll flick through the most recent stuff, other times I'll browse deeper. Today I saw a piece by PrincessLapis, titled The Morning Before. I noticed that the piece said it had no comments or reviews in the 23 days since it had been written. I cringed at this, thinking that it deserved better so I logged in and left a comment, but when I tried to submit it, I received this reply....

An unhandled exception was thrown by the application. Is anybody able to tell me if this is a site issue or if it may be a browser issue on my end? It's happened a few times which means I can view the content here but I'm unable to comment.


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