I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

It was peaceful, when we were together. Just the two of us. No one to harm us. No one to separate us.

No more alone.

We cleaned together. We walked together. We laughed together.

This place was ours.

We couldn't have been happier, is what we thought. It seemed perfect. Or, close enough.

We were never very far apart. Sometimes I'd fly up to somewhere without her, and sometimes she'd climb into somewhere that I couldn't quite fit.

But it was always temporary. Neither one of us wanted to be alone. We were terrified of being alone.

When we didn't need to try to find food, we'd work on cleaning. She was stronger than I was, so she did most of the lifting, and I tended towards cleaning up smaller things. The previous inhabitant had left quite the mess.

One room made me wonder if whoever it was had been hiding something. Underneath a few boxes, we found a loose floorboard. When we lifted it, it revealed something wrapped in fabric. It had been hidden away. But why?

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