Alone - sequel to Cheshire Chris' Lost in the Rain

ElshaHawk LoA

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She didn't bother turning the key. Rain pounded on the roof and hood and lashed at the windows. Her body slouched in the leather seat, hair dripping down her nose, her shoulders, completely ignored. She had nowhere to go from here. Yesterday she'd driven until the road ran out and this park appeared at the edge of a rocky beach.

Why turn around?

All directions were the same. There was nothing ahead as behind. She was in a bubble of emptiness, surrounded by the whoosh of rain, encased in the gray. Not enough light, not enough dark.


She'd have to make a small decision. At some point, she'd be forced to. She'd have to eat, or drink, or urinate. She'd have to live.

She'd die alone, but not today. It didn't feel it was time. Not yet. Something stayed her mind. Her hand turned the key of its own accord.


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