Sibling Rivalry


An alumnus of both and Who, for some weird reason, is starting his time here with an abundance of cannibalism-themes stories. O.o

The ceiling of Stormcrow's base shattered. She glared up at her nemesis.

"So-Lar!" she yelled. "What..."

"Where is she?" the hero bellowed. "Where is Jane?"

"You dare..." She stopped, confused. "Jane's missing?"

In a flash, So-Lar was face-to-face with her. "You know damned well..."

"Todd!" she yelled. "From the beginning. How long has she been gone?"

"Um... Two days."

She gave him an exasperated sigh. "I just got back from a week in Japan, dumbass! Didn't mom tell you?"

"Well, I..." Her little brother stumbled over his own tongue. "We had an argument. She hasn't talked to me in a month." He blushed. "Sorry, Tammy."

"Water, bridge, etc. I think I can help."

He looked up, hopeful. "How?"

She held up her hand, lost in thought. "Balthazar Moon wasn't at EMTS. He's probably got her."

"Thank you!" he beamed, which quickly turned to confusion. "EMTS?"

"Evil Mastermind Trade Show. Think E3 for supervillains. Never mind! Go! Get Jane! We have cribbage nationals next week! GO!"

Family. What can you do?


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Bloody hell, I'm out of practice. Well, hopefully, I'll finally start to get back to writing. It's been far too long.

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BTW, I hate the title. If anyone has any better suggestions, it would be appreciated. :-)

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